Services We Provide

Chiropractic Care

Our office will provide you with the highest quality chiropractic care in a caring supportive environment. Whether you are in the middle of health crisis from a new injury or a chronic condition, or you are ready to make the critical transition to a healthier lifestyle, our team will work with you to help you and your family reach your health goals.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a systemized approach, which identifies the underlying root causes while building a therapeutic relationship with the patient. When evaluating a patient, there are 3 components to a Functional Medicine systemized approach:

  1. Genetics
  2. Biochemical Individuality
  3. Lifestyle Factors
We look at each of these components and gather all of the data to put together a personalized plan. Any imbalances are then evaluated to see if further testing is needed. We continue to track and assess imbalances to obtain optimal health and wellness. This program can be done in office or 100% virtual- Please contact us for more details on our virtual functional medicine platform.


Good nutrition is an essential part of The 100 Year Lifestyle. Using a variety of resources, ranging from dietary counseling, healthy weight loss strategies, educational workshops and supplementation, we will help you and your family maximize your health through good nutrition.

Family Care

Our office provides family care for everyone from newborn babies to 100-year-old seniors and everyone in between. The gentle effective chiropractic care can help ensure that everyone in your family has a healthier spine and nervous system so they can function at higher level of health for a lifetime. Request an appointment for yourself or your entire family today.

Performance Based Care

Performance based care is for athletes of all ages and competitive levels who are ready to break through and take their performance to the next level. Contact our office today to request an appointment.

Rehabilitation Services

The rehabilitative services that our office provides in conjunction with your chiropractic care will help you speed your recovery, brought on by trauma such as car accidents, sports, or work injuries. These non-invasive services will help restore function to the injured areas of your body and help you achieve maximum recovery as quickly as possible.